Faery Gold

What do Faeries Value Most? Faery Gold, of course!

Compost is Faery Gold!

Faery Gold!

There is a Celtic folk tale (I’ve forgotten the name – please tell me if you know it) about a man who goes into the faery realm. While he is there, he fills his pockets with gold. Then he returns to the human world. Upon emptying his pockets, he finds that they are only filled with compost. He is very disappointed, but I think he missed the point.

Compost is a treasure far more valuable than gold. It is the key to healthy soil, and soil is essential to all life on Earth. Without compost, the faeries could not do their job of fostering the thriving world of Nature. They value it like humans value gold.

There are also stories about Leprechauns (a type of faery) with their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Many people have followed the rainbow, only to find that the end keeps moving away. And if they finally arrive at the spot where they saw the end of the rainbow, the gold is never there – or is it? What if Leprechaun gold is the fertile soil, refreshed by the recent rain that made the rainbow?

One really big way you can help the faeries is to make a compost pile and add the compost to your garden. If you don’t have room for a compost pile, try a worm bin. Some of them are very compact and the worms will turn your kitchen scraps into beautiful compost that any gardener friend or local farmer would love.

Faeries also love it when you grow and eat organically, without toxic sprays and fertilizers. Here are some ideas and links that will help you learn all about growing with the faeries – even if the links never mention faeries at all.

Safe & Sustainable Agriculture

Positive Solutions for Maintaining
a Healthy Agricultural Base
Go Organic! Grow Organic!
OCA Banner

Organic Consumers Association – for Your Health and the Health of Our Planet!

Scientists Estimate That Pesticides are Reducing Crop Yields by One-Third!!!Healing Our Soil with Permaculture

Back to Eden

Organic farming and gardeningIn one year, the carbon in one acre of organic crop soil will absorb up to 7,000 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere, according to the Rodale Institute. That is just one good reason to always buy organic products. If you are a gardener or farmer, there’s lots of good information on the Internet about how to grow organically. Here is a good one to get you started:

An Excellent Film on Taking the Work Out of Farming and Gardening while Actually Improving the Soil Just Like Nature Does – http://backtoedenfilm.com (Scroll down to the free video.)

Unfortunately, the main commentator is really preachy with the Bible quotes, but don’t let that put you off. The soil building and farming information is really good.

The Green Guide

http://www.thegreenguide.com/ – Resource for natural living in harmony with our planet.

calgefree Californians for GE-Free Agriculture


No GMO information. The California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN) is a coalition of sustainable and organic agriculture organizations that seeks to change state and federal policy to advance agriculture’s powerful climate solutions. We seek a widespread transition in California agriculture towards increasingly resilient and environmentally sound farming systems.

Links to “No GMO” Articles

Help the faeries keep Nature in balanceMaking the World GMO Free and Sustainable

Note: GM, GE, and GMO all mean the same thing –
genetically modified or genetically engineered organisms.

Here are some older links about the dangers of GMOs – still very relevant.

Bernadette Wulf gets squashed ; )

Photo by Ben Aronoff

Biodynamic French Intensive Organic Gardening

Visit Alan-Chadwick.org to learn about the man who brought Biodynamic French Intensive Organic Gardening to America. Alan Chadwick promoted the concepts of raised beds, double digging, and intensive planting, creating the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen.

This is a high-maintenance, intensive gardening technique that yields amazing abundance of crops.

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That’s me standing in front of a big pile of squash at the Santa Rosa, CA Heirloom Exposition. Isn’t the abundance of Earth amazing?

Celebrate Fairy Day – June 24th

International Fairy Day - June 24th - faery reiki attunements

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