Communicate with Nature

Share the love with NatureCommunicate with Nature – All of Nature Responds to Love!

We Can All Communicate with Animals, Plants, Water, and Even Clouds in the same way the way Faeries do. We are all connected!

You are an important part of the web of life. When you reach out with love, Nature will answer. Be still. Be patient. Trust your inner knowing and you will see miracles unfold before your eyes.

Watch These Inspiring Videos

Communicating with horses can enlist their cooperation without using any sort of force.

Even lions are not so scary when they respond to love.

Plants are listening to our thoughts and actions, and if we learn to listen inwardly, we can also hear their thoughts.

Clouds respond to our thoughts, as do all aspects of nature, including stones, soil, wind, and water.

Water forms different crystals when frozen, depending on which thoughts we send to it.

In these and countless other ways, nature is responding to every thought we think and every word we speak. Remember also that faeries are telepathic. They can hear your thoughts and you can communicate with them in the same way these people are communicating with animals, plants, and elements.

Think Paradise!

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