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Faeries Need Your Help

You can help the faeries, elementals, and nature spirits by taking good care of Nature. Sure, faeries can keep working to heal the damage we do, but we are making it very difficult for them to keep things in balance with all our toxic chemicals and pollution. Wouldn’t it make sense to clean up after ourselves and make their job easier?

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Earth is Already Paradise
Let’s Keep It That Way!

What You Focus on Becomes Your Reality!

Every day we hear reports on the news about wars, global warming, natural disasters, melting ice caps, and deforestation. If we didn’t know better, we might feel overwhelmed and powerless. We might think that one person could not possibly make a difference in resolving such massive problems. Yet we are each creating our own experience of reality and we can choose to focus on anything we want.

That is how faeries create the beauty of the natural world around us. They focus on the Paradise that is already here.

Why not focus on Paradise?

Manifesting ParadiseIt’s not a pipe dream. Paradise is all around us. All we have to do is shift our focus in order to see it. And if we still don’t see it, we can use our imagination. What we focus on will become our reality. It is universal law.

By now you have probably heard of the Law of Attraction (LOA). Maybe you have read Abraham-Hicks quotes, or you’ve seen “The Secret” books or film. You might have even learned to work with LOA in your own life to align yourself with joy, prosperity, health, friends, homes, or jobs. If so, you know first hand how it can change your reality. (If you don’t yet understand how Law of Attraction works, LOA Coaching is highly recommended.)

What if you could use Law of Attraction to align yourself with Paradise on Earth?

Can we imagine a new reality into being?
What if we could dream Paradise on Earth?
Do you think it is possible?

I do. I know it is!

If we each immerse ourselves in our imagination of Paradise on Earth, the world will shape itself to match our thoughts. Our reality will change. In fact, Law of Attraction says it must change.

Most think in terms of thought affecting the world: You think about transmitting outward: [as in] “I’m going to affect the world from my outgoing signal.” That isn’t the way it works.

You affect the world by achieving the vibration that brings the signals to you. You create a nucleus that Universe has to respond around. That is how you are the creator.  ––  Abraham-Hicks Albuquerque, NM  May 1999

Beauty surrounds usAll we have to do is focus our attention on what we WANT to experience and hold onto the feeling that we are already there. As long as we maintain that positive vibration, we are attracting a positive reality. Focus on beauty, on thriving ecosystems, on plentiful forests.

For inspiration we can draw upon the beauty that is so abundantly present in nature. We already live in Paradise! When we simply notice and appreciate it, we will attract more and more of it.

Children can learn to work with Law of AttractionEverywhere we look, we can find glimpses of the Paradise that surrounds us. Consciously appreciate what you love about Earth and it will multiply in your experience.

Any child can do it!

In fact, it’s a great idea to teach children from an early age to focus on the good things in the world around them. After all, they will be the ones living in the reality they create, once we move on.

Let there be light!Our world is a constantly-changing, glorious play of light and shadow, song and silence, fragrance, texture, warmth and cold, wind and calm. How is it that we get so caught up in our worries and fears that we forget to notice the amazing beauty all around us?

Appreciate lush, forests releasing life-giving oxygen into the air, and bringing precious rain to quench our thirst. Dream healthy forestsWhen we consciously appreciate nature and visualize Paradise on Earth, we join forces with other people and other beings who are also working to manifest Paradise on Earth – the animals, plants and nature spirit kingdoms of faeries, devas, and elementals.

They are all around us, working tirelessly to maintain the balance of nature. Faeries and nature spirits appreciate our help and gratitude as they support the world of nature all around us. They already see paradise wherever they look. Join with them to enhance their vision of a healthy, balanced world.

Earth is flourishing. All is well. The Sun keeps shining. Rain keeps falling. Wind keeps blowing. Mother Earth knows how to keep it all in balance.

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world.” As John Lennon said, “It isn’t hard to do.”

Appreciate the abundance of Earth and the amazing variety of flavors, colors, textures and delicious aromas she provides for our enjoyment. Everything we ask for is given. That is SO amazing!

         Creative EarthUnlimited abundanceAbundance of Earth

We can do it!

We can heal ourselves and everything in our experience with the Magic of our I-magi-nation. It’s not too late. It’s never too late. We are creating this whole dream. We created a few problems and we can create the solutions. All it takes is love, appreciation, and gratitude for the wonders of nature around us. Then we will naturally make the best decisions for the good of our planet and all life.

You asked for beauty before you were even bornStop and smell the roses, and the honeysuckle, the Daphne odora, and the fresh mown grass.  It is all a gift for you, because you asked for beauty and joy and peace and delight. You may not even remember asking, but the asking was in your heart even before you were born.

There is nothing to worry about!

You are safe and supported and so is our entire world. We live in a loving Universe that responds to our every wish. Remember –

Global warming is not a factor that need concern you. This Earth is expanding and evolving and IMPROVING. It is not shrinking and disintegrating and declining. It is not.

Life is eternal and your balanced Earth is in good stead. Worry not about it. But [applause interrupts] …. BUT …. it’s not wrong for you to EXPLORE your Earth, and see things that are of concern to you. That’s what you said you would do. So you see something that is of concern to you, immediately you ASK for an improvement. And immediately the rocket of desire shoots out of you and Source Energy is on the case.  —  Abraham- Hicks

Don’t let yourself get caught up in media-induced fears that paralyze your ability to dream. Turn off the news when it gives you a bad feeling. That bad feeling is trying to alert you to the fact that you are focusing on, and therefore attracting, something you do not want!

Look for something uplifting instead. Take action, certainly, but make sure it is action inspired by joy, love, enthusiasm, and hope, rather than by fear or desperation.

The Universal Law of Attraction states that what we focus on will manifest in our reality.

Dandelion providing honey - so amazing!Focus on:
  • beauty
  • abundance for all
  • compassion and dignity
  • joy

And if you want to hold your magic wand while you dream, go ahead and do it. If rituals, symbols, and tools help you feel more love and appreciation, use them. They are valuable ways to involve your subconscious mind in the process of manifesting your dreams.

Take Positive Action

While you are dreaming, don’t forget to take practical steps to show your love for our beautiful planet – and to relieve Earth of toxins, greenhouse gases, and deforestation. There are many simple ways we can help conserve energy, cut down on waste, and restore our forests, water, soil, and air to the pristine quality they once had.

Keep imagining the world
you want to live in.
It IS changing for the better,
just because of you!

My name is Bernadette Wulf and I am a Visionary Artist and Law of Attraction Coach. I am sharing this message, because I hope it will inspire you to dream big. I love the faeries and I want everyone to know that we are co-creators with them on this beautiful planet. We really ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Message from Chief Seattle

I tell you true. If all who see the Earth as being poisoned would, instead, give more attention to seeing the Earth clean and vibrant, then, very soon, your Earth would be cleansed.

If all who see their nation’s leaders as misguided or uncaring would, instead, give more time to seeing themselves being represented by responsible, caring leaders who stand firm for the highest good of all, then, very soon, you would have good leadership.

If all who see their spouses or family members as troublesome or unloving would, instead, give more thought to seeing their loved ones as the shining children of God that they are, then, very soon, all challenged relationships would be renewed and love rekindled.

If all who see themselves as sick or poor or weak of heart or undeserving would, instead, give more energy to seeing themselves as healthy, abundant, empowered, worthy, and lifted up, then, very soon, they would experience all of the good things that life has to offer.

If all who see themselves as a physical body and no more, would instead give more thought to seeing themselves as an ever-brightening star that resides inside the body, then very soon everyone in your world would be shining their lights–just as all of the Elders who have walked your Earth have done. You would be living in peace, harmony, and comfort in a culture that you have created consciously, a culture which, by your divine right of birth, you deserve to enjoy.

Have You Met Anastasia?

If you haven’t heard of Anastasia yet, here’s a brief introduction. She is said to be a Russian recluse living in the Siberian forest, and her message is featured in the best-selling Ringing Cedars of Russia book series. The author (Vladimir Megré) reports that Anastasia told him she would help him write these books and encode them with an energy to uplift readers, and that she would also cause his books to sell in the millions. So far, over 11 million copies have been sold, despite his total lack of writing or publishing experience!

Whether fact or fiction, Anastasia has much to teach us about our connection with nature, the power of our thoughts, how to grow healing gardens, child care, and the positive future of life on Earth. Take the books at face value or regard them with skepticism. Either way they will stimulate your imagination and expand your thinking. I personally question some of the ideas in the books, particularly the later books, but I have also found immense value in them.

Be Part of the Shift – http://theshiftmovie.com/

Thrive in the Future – http://www.thrivemovement.com/the_movie

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