Messages from the Fae

Messages from the Fae

Faery Blessings“Blessed Peace and Harmony
to All who Enter Here” (A Faery Blessing)

These are messages I have gathered over several years, from fairies, elves, gnomes, sprites and other nature spirits. Though often shy with humans, many of them are eager to work with us to heal the damage we have done to nature.

If we are patient and open-hearted, we can sometimes catch a glimpse, or a feeling of them in our gardens and especially in the wilderness. Of course they don’t speak to us in English. They communicate telepathically in thought blocks and images that we can translate or “hear” in our own language. I hope you will find them as inspiring and uplifting as I do.

Faery messages - fairy communication“Greetings!

“You may wonder why there is so much dis-ease and unrest in your world. It is obvious to us. You have collectively lost touch with your inner souls and the soul of Earth. You have lost the wonder and the magic of reality. And you confuse reality with facts that have been laid out before you by your teachers and media.

“You have collectively forgotten that you are woven into the tapestry of all life, a part of the trees and the winds and the fae. We are not so different from you.

“As you begin to remember your connection with each other and with us, your whole view of reality will change. You will be able to call in the rains and calm the winds, quiet the earthquakes, and control the fires in your forests. They all speak to you, but you rarely listen. It is time to start listening, and you are one of the first who will remember.

“Share your visions. Share your dreams. Many are waiting for you to share what you can see and hear. Many are longing to find what you have found. We are with you. Together we shape reality.”

Aralyae  –  The FairySource Deva

A little song given to me by the stones:

“Won’t you be surprised
When you open your eyes
And see the rock people
Watching you go by
“They’ve been standing there
Through the ages of time
Holding the memories
Of Earth for you “

channeled messages from the fae

When you are out in nature look for faces and symbols in the stones. You will be amazed at how many rock people are watching you. They are very wise and loving beings with great healing energy. Sitting on a rock (always ask permission first) is very grounding and helps to balance the physical body, especially the bones. I am often awestruck at the flood of love and bliss I have experienced in communion with large stones.

Interesting Tree Trivia

The Oak Tree is called Quercus in Latin, because it was through this tree that the gods answered queries about the future. Its Celtic name is Duar, which is the root of our word “door,” because the Oak is known as a doorway to the Otherworlds.

message from the trees A Message from the Tree People:

“We are the tree people. You sometimes call us elves. We protect the woods and forests of Earth. There are now many humans that we call “nature workers” who are quietly infiltrating your world in order to shift the balance toward the manifestation of Paradise on Earth.

“There is quite a clamor to get into this theater [Earth], as there are also forces who are working toward apocalypse, and others who seek world domination. Out of all these, we [the light workers, nature workers, and nature spirits] are the force working in the name of love.

“There are angels, masters, elementals, and what you call ETs all incarnating as human light workers to hold the energy for transformation. And yes, even nature spirits. These are the ones we call nature workers.”

Interview with the Fairies

“Slow down so I can see you better,” I pleaded.
“No,” they answered, “It is you who needs to speed up your vibration so we don’t appear to move so fast. When you fully appreciate what you see with your physical eyes, you will be ready to see into fairyland.”

“There is a part of you already existing in the fairy realm.”

“You will not see us as long as you focus on not being able to see us! You must imagine us into your world. We will not materialize ourselves.”

“Magic has been associated with the nature spirits, because magic is simply the art of manifestation which many people have learned from us. After all, we are the ones who manifest all of nature.”

“It is more important that you love than that you see!”

Real encounter with Jinn or Genie

genies are Middle Eastern faeriesDr. Hank Wessellman recorded a most interesting interview with a Jinn or Genie (Middle Eastern faerie) on The Spirit of Maat website  –


He says, “This Jinn was encountered in a shrine at the great mortuary temple of Medinat Habu near the Valley of the Kings. After my initial encounter in the temple on Dec. 7, 2009, I returned to the shrine through my shamanic journeywork on Dec. 8 where the Jinn and I then had a most unusual conversation.” Visit his site to read more.

A Fairy Message:

“We will teach you magic. Fairy magic is uplifting, fun and powerful. It can only be used for good — the good of Earth and all of nature – of which humans are a part. The magic is joy and abundance – a return to the garden.

“Do not imagine that we are separate from you. Nothing is separate. Anything that you activate in your thoughts is real – and of course, the more you activate it, the more you will draw it into your experience. That is why we say, ‘Imagine us into your world.’

“By your imagination you make us real in your personal reality, so that we can participate with you. Everything in your experience (no matter how solid) is there because you have invited it with your thoughts, or imagination. So you see, in order for us to communicate with you, you must first invite us to be part of your reality by thinking about us.

“The more you think about and imagine us, the stronger our presence will be in your experience. Thus far you have given us little thought over your lifetime, so our presence is not as strong as it could be – though it is stronger than for most humans in your culture.”

Another message from the faeries:

Question: Are nature spirits responsible for crop circles?

nature spirits and crop circlesAnswer: “Of course! We are responsible for all aspects of nature. The circles are actually orchestrated between the devas of the fields, Earth herself, and the angelic realms. They are here to give you ‘right brain’ messages that your mind cannot figure out or contradict.

“Some may say they are all hoaxes (and some are), but your subconscious mind still perceives their mysterious message. This message is being woven into ALL things – gradually growing in scope and power until it overwhelms the old order of things. YOU [Light workers/Nature workers] are creating this change. Do not be discouraged. Your work is vitally important and it IS making a difference.

“You need only to be. BE, and enjoy your life. You cannot fail. Do not see yourself as the world sees you. See the way we see you – with unlimited love and admiration. We know your path is difficult. We are here to help and make it easier.

“The light workers have done their job of shifting the balance upon Earth. It will soon be obvious. Now it is time for the nature workers to come in and use the light to create a wondrous bounty of life in co-creation with us nature spirits.

One More Fairy Message:

“It is important now for those who remain on Earth (many light workers will choose to depart when their work is done – but some are also nature workers) to focus on restoring the balance of nature. The balance of light has been restored. Now the light needs to be used in creative ways – through the arts and architecture and the enflourishment of plants and animals upon Earth.

“Everything is changing. The limitations of the past are being lifted. Yes! We are wanting to assist you in creating healing gardens for the people and animals of Earth.”

faery or elven star

The Elven Star

The septagram or seven-pointed star is known as the Elven Star or Faerie Star. Its seven points are symbolic of the seven directions and the seven stars in the constellation of the Pleiades, known as the Seven Sisters, who were known as the daughters of Atlas & Pleione in Greek mythology.

pleidaes, home of elves & faery folk This mystical star system has been considered the center of the Universe, the home of the immortals, and of the Divine. My sense is that the Elven or Faery race has a deep connection with the Pleiades from a time before humans came to Earth.

Their stories have come down to us in myth as the tales of ancient Irish gods and goddesses known as the Tuatha de Danaan, or children of the Goddess Danu. They are the ancient Sidhe and Faerie Folk of many cultures.

In Tolkien’s Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy, we find descriptions of elves (the faeries  of Nordic lands) when they shared in the world of humans. According to master-guide Kirael, this was in the time of Lemuria. He says that our planet was then known as “Realae Ta Te,” from whence comes our word “reality.”

Elves or faeries have since moved into a higher dimension that we call “the Underworld” or “the Otherworlds” (or perhaps we are the ones who moved into a denser dimension), though you may recognize some who remain here in our world, incarnated as humans!

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