Lost Pets

Faeries Help Find Lost Pets 

Faeries love and protect animals and all of nature,
so of course they know right where to look for a lost pet.
fairies help find lost pets
I sometimes take care of children, and one of the girls I took care of lost her wonderful black cat, Ryan. He disappeared for a whole week, and though we searched the neighborhood and put up signs, we still hadn’t found him. Then I happened to be in a book store where I picked up Doreen Virtue’s book, Fairies 101. In it there was a story about asking the faeries to help find lost pets. Of course! Why hadn’t I thought of that?

I immediately went out to the garden and asked the faeries to help us find Ryan and bring him home safe and healthy. I placed a gift (a silver musical clef that had once been an earring) out in the flower bed, and I thanked them for their help. The next day the family called me and said one of the girls had gone next door to pick up a ball she had accidentally tossed over the fence. When she walked past their garage, who should jump up to look out the window, but Ryan!

Here’s the really strange part of the story. The girl’s mother had gone into this garage with the neighbor a couple of days earlier to search for Ryan and had not found him! Only after I asked the faeries for help did he appear. He was perfectly healthy and happy, even after a week of being locked in the garage with no food or water. Of course the family and I were overjoyed to have him back home!

ask faeries to help find lost pets

Faeries are not our servants, so please don’t pester them with requests for things you want. However, they do seem happy to help our animal friends whenever they are in need. As with any friendship, you will need to have a foundation of trust and respect, which takes time to build.

Please send me your favorite faery stories if you would like me to share them here.

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