Faery Testimonials

Faery Testimonials

On this page you will find Real-life Faery Stories from myself and FairySource visitors who have sent me accounts of their own experiences and given permission to post them here. If you would like me to include your faery experience, email it to Bernadette Wulf.

“Only one who carries both human blood and that of the Summerborn has a  chance to escape the shadows” —  Charles De Lindt, Into the Green

faery globes

Faery Globes – Photo by Bernadette Wulf

Faerie Globe Orbs  

“…I’ve seen the globes, too! I never would have believed it myself, but seeing is believing. Now I realize that I’m not nuts.

They told me to eat vegetables and brown rice. They also told me about lemongrass. They have an interesting sense of humor. They told me to do some silly things like eat dirt, leaves, and bark off a tree. I ate it, and I think they laughed or something.

I saw them in a good sized redwood forest in the Santa Cruz mountains. (Scotts Valley). I heard these voices, and went outside with my flashlight. When I got to a big stand of trees, I turned the light out, and sat down. 7 or 8 balls of light appeared. All different sizes. Yellowish white light. At the time, I had no idea what I was looking at. I call them nature spirits…

“I am not at all shocked that they have appeared to me. I’m really into nature, and I spend a lot of time outside, including gardening. I’ve always been really into plants, and animals. I guess the main message was ‘the spiritual world is very real.’ There must be millions of nature spirits! If that is true, this whole entire planet must be spiritually alive.”  —  Glenn

Faery Encounter

“I would like to share an experience, I don’t know if it was fairies or what. The other night while I was in my room I heard three chimes, which sounded like Fa, La, and Re on the musical scale. The first ring was over my bed, the second around my nightstand, and the third which led me to the fairy sculpture I had on my dresser. I turned off the lights, hoping to see something. I saw an outline of something, midair. I held out my hand and felt something land – or even sit – in it…

The chimes were as real as anything, I’ll swear to that because I was shaking.”  —  Christina

The Fairy Faith Documentary

Nature Spirit Testimonial

“I am a student of Biodynamic farming and, as such, am finding myself deeply immersed in the study of the elemental beings particularly as chronicled by Rudolf Steiner via Paracelsus. I am often a rational, analytical and critical thinker who, like a lot of Westerners, is often stymied by my own empirical world view.

However, in the last few years things have begun to shift profoundly toward my deeper intuitive nature. Although initially deeply concerned about my own mental health, I have learned to comfortably accept and embrace this insight that a clairvoyant referred to as “200% empathic” as part of my intrinsic nature…

Thus, late last summer when I encountered multiple swarms of tiny, luminescent creatures who seemed to “sing” in harmony, on a hike in the mountains, I thought myself blessed to be witness to some unique, unfamiliar phenomenon of nature – a unique and beautiful insect, perhaps. However, as if to mess with my preconceptions, I returned to the same trail a short time later for another hike and encountered similar swarms of no-see-ums or gnats or fruit flies who did not exhibit remotely the same characteristics. They lacked the same ethereal quality, the luminescence and certainly no song. I realize I am probably not meant to come away from this experience with a literal interpretation or conclusion but it has certainly made me reconsider the realm of perception of my pre-Enlightenment Age ancestors.

It has remained imprinted on my imagination and it seems I am meant to share the experience.”  —  A. M.

A Faerie Says Hello

I was really bored on Wednesday of the second week of April, so I decided to go to the neighbor’s house and swing in their beautiful garden. They had a swing on a huge tree. I am saying that really there were flowers everywhere. It was like a private world. So peaceful. I loved it. So I sat on the swing and started humming to myself. I have no clue where it came from, but it sounded a little bit like the song on your site. Then I felt like I wasn’t alone.

I looked around and saw a quick movement in the flowers, but I shrugged it off. Then I looked at the tree and I noticed what looked like a face smiling at me! I swear it winked. Then right after that I heard what sounded almost like little bells. I saw a little person with wings come out of the flowers. I was shocked. I pinched myself because I didn’t know if I was dreaming or what. So I talked to the little creature which appeared to be a girl.
“Hello. Who are you?” I asked. I always talked to little people like this which I assumed were my imaginary friends, but at 11…?
“Hello. My name is Lila. What is your name young one?” She replied. Her voice sounded like wind. So soft and tinkling.
“I am Katie. May I ask what you are?” I said.
“I am a faerie. So are your other what you refer to as imaginary friends. You just didn’t know it.” She said.
“Oh. Why are you here then?” I asked.
“To talk to you. You are the kind of person that I like to talk to. You understand the Earth. Plus you can see us.” Lila said. (lie-lah)
“Oh well, I have to go eat my dinner now. Will you be here when I come back?” I asked.
“No young one. I must return, but you will see us again. That is a promise.” Lila said.
“OK. Well goodbye.” I said
“Farewell” Lila called as I ran towards my grandparents house. And as she promised I still see her and a lot others. It is truly magic.  —  Katie – 11 years old

The Faerie Trees (Just for Fun)
by Celestial Elf

A Pixie Visit

“…That Monday morning, I was listlessly staring through a section of my unkempt, unwashed hair in the morning sunlight — still feeling depressed and saddened by Sunday’s family disaster when suddenly I saw a small light cocoa brown face peering up at me through an open section of my hair. I stared back in total shock and my first thought was, “It’s a faery!!!! – The Lord actually answered my prayer!!!!!

“She didnt realize I could see her at first. Bernadette, she was looking at me with total empathy and unselfish love — as though she was feeling my sadness for me! – I cannot describe it, her eyes reflected leprechauns and other faery folk, unselfish love and light. She was no demon! (I had never expected a faery to look like her – as she didn’t look human as Tinkerbell would, (though I have heard that there are many kinds of faery, and there are actually some that do look like very small humans — according to many who have shared their modern day encounters online).

“She was still very beautiful. Her face was a soft creamy cocoa brown, her eyes were totally all dark brown with no human irises, but they were not alien-like – and were very attractive for her. She had wide-set eyes, high regal looking brow bones, high cheekbones and a delicate nose, lips and chin. She had a high forehead and any hair was pulled up and off her face — She looked very regal. I would say she was someone of importance with her people.

“When I saw her, I also sensed her personality and presence there —  she had a peacefulness about her, and a humility and innocence as well as a royalty. She looked very delicate — her face could not have been larger than an American dime. I didn’t see her body but I would say she had to be very thin and delicate. When I gawked at her for that few minutes, she eventually realized I was able to see her, and she got this look on her face like, ‘uh oh, she sees me. I better disappear.’

“I still felt her presence there though, and  I left that room elated and no longer depressed. ”  —  Lisa

“PS…  since that experience, I have seen a sparkly pink flying light zoom over our apple tree near the faery garden. Also, last December, I have seen a red non-blinking light fly up off the roadside, up and over the car in front of me and over across the road to some trees — so I know that faeries often appear in thier light form as well.”

Am I a Faery?

“Well, faeries just started making themselves known to me this year. It started when a friend of mine told me that they thought I may be a faerie. I didn’t take this statement that seriously until one day I happened upon a website talking about how some irish people may have faerie blood in them because of faerie happenings in their ancestry. I hadn’t realized until I found that website that there were people who actually believed in faeries as a real thing. This realization that faeires could exist has brought out the child in me so far this year. I have been building faerie houses and singing to birds and talking to moths. I have felt like a genuine little faerie.

“Well, this whole time I’ve been obsessing over them, I have been begging the faeries to let me see them or get to know one of them. I think this has finally happened. The other night I was taking a walk and I saw this white (what I at first thought was an abnormally large moth) creature fly right by me and land in a tree. seeing it made my insides tingle with excitement as if I had just witnessed something unreal and amazing. I knew right away that I had just seen my first faerie. I remembered hearing that faeries only let you see them if they want you to see them, so I turned to my fiance (who was walking with me and had seen her as well) and said “what is her name?” hoping that her name would come to him as they sometimes do with moths and butterflies. He immediately, without hesitation said ‘Tecona.’

“The name resonated with me immediately and I went back home and started looking the name up in google-images. it came up with all this different random stuff and then I saw one picture of an adorable cartoon faerie. The faerie came with a description and everything, as if the faerie I had seen was using everything in my reality to introduce herself to me. Ever since that day I have been waiting for her to appear to me again and she has twice already. This time in the form of a bird that has nested on my back porch. the bird came out at night last night (which is weird for a bird..) and it was trying to land on my hand but was getting too nervous. It was ruffling it’s feathers and cooing at me while rubbing it’s head on things lovingly. I have never had that intimate of an encounter with a wild animal-especially a bird. I feel like Tecona may be visiting me in bird form. …that is all for now. I am so thankful to faeries for all they do for me and for the world. And I am thankful I am not the only one who believes in them-the fact that so many people do keeps me from thinking I’m just crazy lol.”  —  Brittany

A Wish Granted by Faeries

My experience came to me when I did my first self-dedication. I already discovered I was blessed with faerie magick but I was asked if I’d like a gift from faery and what it would be. I told them I wanted a small third-eye mole so it can be magickal, spiritual and a beauty mark. I had already read about third eyes and felt pulled to it. I was told the wish was granted. I’m not sure when, but I developed a mole on the center of my forehead like a third eye. It was then I truly believed the faeries and their magick.  — Black Unicorn

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