Faery Healing

Faery Healing

Faeries & Nature Spirits Can Help Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Keeper of the Trees copyright Bernadette Wulf - faery healingNature Spirits and Angels are always ready to help in our healing, because we are part of nature and we are all connected. There is only one “catch.” We have to ask.

When you are feeling out of balance, mentally, emotionally, or physically, find a quiet place in nature and ask that the faeries and angels uplift and heal your body, mind, and soul. Relax and enjoy. If you are sensitive to energy, you will feel a wonderful energetic massage that leaves you feeling refreshed and happy.

Thank them by offering a gift of food or something pretty, or ask if there is something you can give them in return. They may want you to sing them a song, play some music, or pick up trash. The more we work with these powerful beings, the more we will bring ourselves and our world into harmony and balance.

Faery Reiki and Faery Doctoring

You can even get a Faery Reiki Attunement that will enhance your ability to connect with the fae and channel their healing energy for yourself and others. Bernadette Wulf offers Faery Reiki Attunements from a distance anywhere in the world, which includes a Faery Reiki Healing session to balance and harmonize your body, mind, and soul.

Faery Doctoring

Faery Doctoring is an ancient healing system where the practitioner works with the faeries to cure ailments caused by faeries. What? Faeries cause ailments?

Yes, it is true. Faeries can intentionally cause ailments in people who offend them. Sometimes they even cause unintentional harm when they “borrow” energy from people. Their main work is to keep nature in balance, and it is not an easy job these days. Humans are really messing things up. So faeries need to take energy from wherever they can get it to repair the damage. They are willing to sacrifice the well-being of individual humans for the sake of the good of the whole.

That is no fun for the humans who lose their energy, though. They may suffer from depression, chronic fatigue, mental illness, or other energetic disorders. If you have strange, lingering symptoms that don’t respond to conventional treatments, you might have a faery illness.

A faery doctor can go into the faery realm to ask faery healing allies to determine whether your illness is caused by faeries, and if so, to bring back your lost energy. It sounds strange, right? It IS strange, but many people have been healed in this way, and that is what matters!

My Faerie Healing Experience

Several years ago I had a painful bladder infection that caused fever and chills. I was taking lots of vitamin C and drinking lots of water to clear the offending germs out of my system, but I was still very tired. I went to bed and tried to relax as best I could, when all of a sudden a flock of small winged fairies flew in through my window, swirled over my bed, and then flew back out the window. They seemed to be made of shimmering white light, but were clearly formed little humanoid figures with wings like dragonflies. I have never seen them so clearly before or since.

I soon fell asleep and woke up the next morning feeling as good as new. I am sure my fairy visitors were helpful in my rapid healing.

Bring Fairies Indoors
with Potted Plants and Flowers

faeries love flowersThe wonderful, uplifting feeling you get when walking through a flower garden, or sitting by a wild stream is largely due to negative ions and the healing influence of faeries and nature spirits who help to clear your energy. Because we are part of nature, the nature spirits take care of us in the same way they take care of plants and animals.

My faery contacts continually tell me to plant more flowers around my house. They want me to live in a flower garden, bursting with fragrance and color. I am working on it, and learning a lot about plants and flowers in the process – which may have been one of their intentions.

One way to keep nature spirits close by is to keep flowering plants and potted leafy plants in your house. Plants have fairies that watch over them, and so do your pets! Be sure to give the fairies gifts of gratitude for their help. They love beautiufl shiny things, live acoustic music, baked goods, wine, beer, and chocolate (but chocolate is toxic to pets, so make sure you don’t leave it where animals can find it.)

The fairies love to have their flowers appreciated, but traditional faery lore tells us that we should not pick them without permission. Always ask before picking any plant or its fruit or flowers. It is best to have potted flowers indoors that can later be planted in a garden.

There are even house plants that will clean the air and remove toxic chemicals from your household environment, such as spider plant, pothos, African violet, Chirstmas cactus, and many more.

This site will grow with your help!

Have you ever experienced faerie healing? I have. Send me your fairy healing experiences and I will include them on this site. Email Bernadette Wulf

On this site you will find an assortment of faery lore, as well as sources for fairy artwork. Much of this information is from my personal experiences with the fae. I welcome you to share your own experiences for inclusion here.

Please send links to your favorite Sources of Fairy/Faerie products and information. Quality websites focusing on Nature Spirits, the Sidhe, and Devas of Nature are welcome to link here.

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