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The Faeries of Avalon

Avalon is one land among many in the Otherworlds. It is particularly relevant to those of us with bloodlines from the British Isles, or past life experiences there, or to those with any feeling of connection to the Arthurian myths and Grail mysteries.

Avalon is a focal point for Western mystery wisdom, and perhaps the faeries of Avalon have participated in the unfolding of human events more than any other faery beings over the past several centuries, with the help of Merlin (who was half faery-half human).

It may be that Avalon is where the faery realm is most easily accessible from our world. Certainly, it has been the place most remembered in our Western literature. Avalonian faeries played important roles in all the Arthurian legends. Arthur’s mother Igraine, his sister Morgan le Fay, his wife Guinevere, and several other prominent ladies in the legends were all emissaries from Avalon. Even Lancelot was raised in Avalon by the Lady of the Lake.

Why Do So Few Believe?

I don’t think human failure to believe can alter Avalon, because it is part of the faery realm that holds the etheric template of perfection for our world. However, our collective failure to remember the faery realm has had a devastating effect on our world.

When we fail to participate in bringing that template of perfection into our reality, we lose our connection with the energy of creation. We no longer have the ability to build sustainably, and everything we do becomes destructive.

  • Have you noticed how durable ancient buildings are, compared to how fast our modern buildings deteriorate?
  • Are you aware of how our modern farming practices destroy soil, water, and air quality, though our ancestors were able to sustain healthy farms and lands over thousands of years?

Merlin’s Mission

This is what Merlin tried so hard to prevent as he worked to bridge the worlds between humans and faeries. Our materialistic mindset was just becoming established in the days of Arthur. People were beginning to forget and even demonize the faeries, because they were influenced by the church patriarchs.

We can clearly see this progression when reading the various versions of Arthurian tales. The more modern they are, the more they demonize the fae. What was once a very normal and natural relationship with faeries and the Otherworlds, came to be seen as suspect and even dangerous.

There was a deliberate attempt by the church to control the population with lies. The beautiful teachings of Jesus were twisted to instill fear and subservience in the masses, while the powerful patriarchs collected more power and riches. This has continued to the present time, leading us to the brink of environmental collapse.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we reconnect with the pure essence of the faery realm. Perhaps the easiest way to do that is to forge a new bridge with Avalon.

Why Do the Faeries Care?

If Avalon is such an ideal template of perfection, why would anyone want to leave? Why would the faeries venture out to interact with humans? Why would they try to influence matters in our world?

My sense is that our world overlaps with theirs. Our pollution and destruction can cause damage on an energetic level that affects their world. We are not a separate as we may think!

Also, the Sidhe and elves are much like our older cousins. They have already learned how to live in harmony with Nature and each other. Some have decided to leave us behind, but others still care about their younger cousins. They are the ones who are reaching through the veil to assist us.

Part of the work of the faery realm is to manifest the perfection of their etheric realm in the material world. They do this very well in the wilds of nature, but when humans get involved things tend to get messy. We damage plant DNA with GMOs, cram animals into factory farms, excavate, pollute, clear cut, kill, and generally tear down everything they create. Where we once had a respect for Nature with a capitol N, we now rape and pillage to satisfy our insatiable greed.

Lady of the LakeNature is the Creative Art of Faeries

Imagine being an artist who woke up every morning to find that someone had rubbed mud all over the painting they had created the day before. Maybe it was an ignorant child that did it, and they didn’t really know any better, but it would still be frustrating.

I suspect that is how the faeries and nature spirits view us. They are so much older and wiser. But they are patient, for the most part. I’ve heard that some faeries take a very negative view of us, but I haven’t met that sort. The ones I know are amazingly tolerant and hopeful that humanity will finally grow up.

How We Can Help the Faeries

Since you are reading this page, I assume that you are at least open to the reality of the faery realm. That makes you a very important person in their view of things. You are one of the few who might be able to help build a bridge between our worlds. How can we build this bridge?

How to Build a Bridge to Avalon

  • Affirm that there is truth in all those ancient tales of faeries, though it may be very distorted at this point.
  • Learn to listen to your intuition and trust your imagination.
  • Spend time in Nature with the intention of connecting your heart to each plant, animal, and element you encounter.
  • Learn shamanic techniques for traveling safely in the Otherworlds. Intend to meet the most helpful and uplifting beings. Ask for their help and advice, as well as how we can help them.
  • Surround yourself with uplifting faery art, paintings, statues, music, or whatever reminds you of their presence. They are all around us and they appreciate being recognized and thanked for their tireless work.
  • Just the fact that you think about faeries and invite them into your reality will change your vibration. You probably already resonate with faeries, or you wouldn’t even be on this website, but the more you focus on them, the more you will carry faery energy. That energy will then affect everyone you meet. You will become a walking bridge between the worlds.
How to Help the Faeries
  • Stop and think before you buy something. Ask how it will impact the environment. How was it made? Does it support life? How will it be disposed of eventually? Were animals harmed? Was air or water polluted? Was the life of the soil supported? Were people exploited? How was it shipped? Etc. Every buying choice we make has repercussions that affect every other life on our planet for many generations – for better or for worse.
  • Make friends with your local faeries. Leave them gifts of food, drink, and pretty things. Ask their advice when working in your garden, and don’t tell yourself it’s “just your imagination” when new ideas pop into your head that you think might be from them. In time you will learn to recognize their messages.
  • Make space for birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife in your world. If you have room, you can plant a special faery garden. If not, even a house plant can be dedicated as a portal to the faery realm. Decorate it with little figures or dollhouse furniture if you are inspired. It doesn’t have to be big. They can change their appearance and size at will.

Guinevere faery of AvalonYou Become a Bridge

As a living bridge to the faery realm, you will create space for others to pass through when they are ready. You may be called to write about faeries, paint pictures of them, or lead shamanic journeys to visit them.

Be open to ways you can use your natural talents and abilities to help bridge our worlds. They won’t ask you to do anything you are not able to do already.

Your energy might make some people uncomfortable. If people are very invested in materialism, they may find your vibration unsettling, because it is very un-materialistic. Be sure to ground and shield yourself when you are around skeptics and those who ridicule what they don’t understand. Take a cue from the faeries and learn to make yourself invisible to those who are not supportive.

  • Trust that the right people will be drawn to you. When you commit to being a bridge, those who want to make a connection with the fae will seek you out. The more people start waking up to the reality of the faery realm, the faster our world will begin to vibrate in harmony with the template of perfection that is anchored in Avalon.
  • Call on Merlin, Morgan le Fay, Nimue’, and any of the other Ladies of the Lake who appeal to you. Ask them to help you anchor the vibration of Avalon in your life and your world. They are actively working to help us heal our world today. Faeries need our help, because we are the dominant species in the material Earth realm. They can only create their half of the bridge. We need to build our half.

Where is Avalon?

Avalon has long been associated with Glastonbury, England, but we can access it from anywhere. If you have a chance to visit Glastonbury, I highly encourage you to do so. The area is rich with Arthurian and faery lore and the veil between the worlds is very thin. However, it is not necessary to physically travel there. We can use our imagination as a portal to visit Avalon or anywhere else we choose to go. We are unlimited beings with access to the entire universe and multiple dimensions.

Glastonbury Tor public domain imageYou might want to look up photos of Glastonbury online, like this one of Glastonbury Tor, so your imagination has a concrete image to start with. But don’t get caught up in the material forms. Try to feel the essence of the place, as if looking through it, rather than at it.

Imagine yourself boarding a boat and gliding across the water to the misty isle of Avalon. Once there, you may find a gigantic apple tree with ripe apples and blossoms blooming at the same time, because all seasons are one there. Avalon is known as the isle of Apples – the sacred fruit of the goddess. Many people report seeing a huge apple tree or apple orchards there. You may meet the nine faery priestesses who preside over the isle, or maybe you will meet your own faery guide.

Drop Your Expectations

Leave your expectations behind and set your intention on experiencing exactly what is best for you at this time. Ask for a trustworthy guide to show you around. It may be an animal, human, or faery. Feel the energy of the guide that appears. If it doesn’t feel uplifting to you, ask for a different guide. Once you feel good about your guide, ask for a tour. You may be surprised at what you discover. The more you visit Avalon, the more you will learn about it, and the more of it you will bring back to our material world.

If you are willing to offer your help, ask what you can do to facilitate building the bridge between our worlds. Only agree to do something if you are sure you will follow through. Faeries seem to hate nothing more than someone who does not keep their word!

It is okay to negotiate. If they ask something that doesn’t feel right to you, offer something that does. They may ask you to make a website for them, as they did with me, but maybe that isn’t something you like to do. You can give them some other ideas about ways you would like to help. Just be sure you are honest, authentic, and courteous and you will make a good friend to the faeries. They will tolerate nothing less.

What About King Arthur?

Arthur was born of a faery mother, Igraine, who was mysteriously tricked by Merlin into “breeding” with King Uther Pendragon. That in itself tells us a lot about who Arthur is. Igraine was obviously one of the faeries who helped bridge the worlds. It is interesting that Uther was a Pendragon, a line of human kings connected with the dragon realms. So Arthur ended up with both faery and human-dragon bloodlines. He embodied the bridging of the worlds in physical form.

Arthur’s job was to anchor the etheric template of Avalon in the kingdom of Camelot, bringing in a new age of harmony, abundance, and equality for all. He made a good start, but eventually faltered. Unfortunately, as a man of the patriarchal era, he failed to value the feminine as much as the masculine, which led to the downfall of his kingdom.

This is symbolized by the lack of importance he placed on his scabbard, compared to his sword. It is also reflected in the failure of his marriage to Guinevere, another Avalonian faery. Subsequently, patriarchal momentum was strengthened in the world, rather than balanced. Because British ideas and customs have long dominated much of the world, this had far-reaching consequences that continue to plague us to this day.

Arthur & Morgan le FayThe Once and Future King

When Arthur was defeated in his final battle, legend tells us that Morgan le Fay, his faery half-sister, took him to Avalon to be healed, and there he will remain until he is needed to save England from some dire threat. Will he be given a second chance to make right his original mission? Perhaps.

Or maybe it is his legend living on in our hearts that will bring about a revival of the spirit of Camelot. Maybe, on one of your visits to Avalon, you will meet him and be able to ask him yourself. “What’s the deal with you, Arthur? Are you coming back, or what?”

Meanwhile, it is up to us to restore the ideals of Camelot to our world. We cannot wait for Arthur to return. We are being called to right the wrongs of our ancestors (who might have been ourselves) and to restore the balance between feminine and masculine energies in our human world.

It is our job to anchor the template of Avalon here in our material world and to bridge the realms of faery and human with every breath we take. Are you ready to get started?

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