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Faery Information & Lore

The first two links are from Laura Bruno’s Blog. Excellent information!

Quick Tips for Interacting with Faeries

More Tips for Connecting with the Faeries

CelticMysterySchool.com Learn about Celtic Faery Magic at Faehallows School of Magic

Avalon Faeries and Celtic Faeries have their own pages on this website.

http://www.avalongrove.com – Beautiful site with lots of great faery lore and personal experiences.

http://www.fairyist.com/fairy-investigation-society/ Help the Fairy Investigation Society collect real-life faery experiences by filling out their short survey.

http://www.fairyist.com/ – Fifteen Classic Questions about Fairies

http://www.fairyist.com/books-on-fairies/fairy-tales/ – Great list of books and stories featuring faeries.

http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/spiritual/earth_human_transition_and_light_bodies/news.php?q=1215375749 – Fascinating description of the Elven world by Master Guide Kirael

http://www.connectingtonaturespirits.co.uk/ Messages from the Nature Spirits

http://www.faerylight.com/ Faery Light Mystery School – Helping people connect with the faeries

http://yewmysteries.com/ Explore the connection of ancient yew trees with the Sidhe and the faery realm

http://fairycongress.com Annual Faery Gathering in Washington State

https://lorian.org/ Books, card decks, and workshops on faeries and the Sidhe

Introduction to the Cailleach

https://judelally.com/https://www.elementalbeings.co.uk/ Channeling messages from Elemental, Dragons, Unicorns, Fairies, Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Star Beings or the Crystal Kingdom

https://www.leprechaunsite.com/ One woman’s experience with the Leprechauns

http://metaphysicalecology.com/books Learn more about the Sidhe

http://fairytastic.ning.com/ Fantastic Forum Behind the Veil, Nature Spirit Photos, Research & Discussions. Real Fairy Photos.

http://www.faeryhealing.com/faery_healing.htm Learn about healing with the faeries and other faery lore.

http://faerywisdom.com/index.html Faery lore from Jessica Macbeth, author of the Faeries Oracle Cards.

http://faerywisdom.com/fayseer.html Jessica Macbeth on seeing and drawing faeries.

Promoting Quality Human and Fairy Relations – a wealth of information and links.

http://www.earthtransitions.com/ Working with the devas to heal Planet Earth. Lots of fascinating information.

http://jksalescompany.com/dw/fairies.html  Lots of great faery lore and information

http://faerietalker.freeforums.org/fairy-talker-f2.html?style=17 Fairy Talker Forum – Fairy Facts, Geneology, Arthurian Geneology, and other Fairy knowledge.

Authors of “If You Could Only See – A Gnome’s Story.”

http://www.perelandra-ltd.com/index.cfm Perlandra gardens, working in harmony with the nature spirits.

http://www.mysticfamiliar.com/library/l_wonders_faeirie_realm.htm Wonders of the Faerie Realm, real-life stories and fun info.

http://www.eso-garden.com/index.php?/weblog/C28/ Assorted Faerie folklore.

http://www.enchantedwalkabouts.com/index.html  Great list of fairy links and fairy workshops.

 Award winning documentary film on nature and the faery world.

http://www.laurabushnell.com/indexFlash.html Laura Bushnell is the author of “Life Magic!,” a wonderful tool for transforming your life. Filled with the magic of love and light. One of the best magical resource books I’ve found.

http://www.celticspirit.org/index.html A wealth of information about Celtic mythology and lore. Workshops also available.

http://www.angeltherapy.com/ Doreen Virtue, author of Healing With the Fairies, book and Oracle cards. Both are filled with uplifting fairy energy.

www.averyfairytale.com – Fairies & Fairy Tales by Susan Eileen Jizba, Writer & Artist.

http://faefolk.weebly.com/lesson-1-2.html Lessons on Celtic faeries and faery lore.

http://tarotcarding.com Tarot cards and readings from Tarot of the Sidhe

Faery Products & Activities

Buy Fairy Costumes

http://www.buyfairycostumes.com/ Great assortment of beautiful fairy costumes.

http://www.fairygardenstore.com/ Nice assortment of faery furniture and supplies for creating lovely faery gardens.

https://www.myfairygardens.com/productcategory/accessories/fairygardenkits/  Lots of delightful little pieces to decorate your faery gardens.

http://fairyguide.com/ Fun website with lots of fairy activities and interesting interviews.
http://www.myfairyteaparty.com/ Fairy tea parties for girls and women in the Tampa Bay Florida area.

Fairies – Visit Fairies.com the ultimate destination for all things fairy related.

http://www.fairywoodland.com/index.php – Beautiful website offering fairy houses and lots of fairy lore.

http://www.faemagazine.com/ – Fae Magazine, published in England, with lots of articles on faerie lore from many authors.

http://www.thewizardsrealm.com   The Wizard’s Realm. Outstanding customer service! Enhance your life with our treasures and knowledge. We have a wealth of Pagan/Wicca goods.  Sign up for a Free Newsletter.

http://www.mythinglinks.org/ct~NatureSpirits.html An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Sacred Traditions
by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.

Mother Earth Reiki

http://www.MotherEarthReiki.com – Spiritual Energy Attunements, REiki Training & Healing, Energy Healing, Shamanic Journeys, Space Clearings, Vehicle Blessings, and Workshops.

http://www.faerieglennj.com/fairyshirts.html – Beautiful faery T-shirts, and lots of other cool gift items.


Free PDF Book About Real Faeries – Might Be My All Time Favorite!

Free Download of The Faery Way by Hugh Mynne – If you want to learn to see into the faery realm, this is an excellent book that is out of print. Fortunately, the author has made it available for free download. You can also order used copies from Amazon.com with beautiful color plates of faery paintings by faery seer George Russell aka AE

Free download of the Faery Way by Hugh Mynne

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