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Welcome to the Faery Way - faeries, elves

“Blessed Peace and Harmony to All who Enter Here”

(A Faery Blessing)

You are not alone.

Faeries, elves, and nature spirits live all around us, and there are many humans who hear, see, or feel them. Are you one of them?

People often contact me, because they hear or see faeries. Some wonder if they might even be faery or elven incarnated in human form. And, many of us have had lifetimes in the faery realm. That can make being human a bit challenging!

For some people, it can be disturbing to suddenly encounter faeries, elves, or nature spirits after a lifetime of disbelieving. For others it feels like they are finally coming home to Tir Na Nog, the Irish “land of youth,” Avalon, or the faery realm. No matter which of these experiences you have, or even if you are just curious, Welcome to the Faery Way! – Read faery testimonials from my readers.

I am dedicating this site to bridging the realms of faery and human for the benefit of all. Are you one of the bridges?

Faeries, elves, and nature spirits are quite real, but sometimes we have to use our imagination to activate the part of our brain that perceives them. Our rational left-brain consciousness often tunes them out, because we are not encouraged to accept this sort of experience in our culture. Quite often, we are even told that faeries don’t exist!

With practice, the two hemispheres of your brain can learn to work together. You may begin to see, feel, or hear faeries, elves, and nature spirits in the “outer world” as well as in the inner world of your imagination. If you are drawn to the faeries, it is a sign that you already have a connection with them.

Enjoy a bit of Faery Art and Music…
This Video Expresses the Feeling of the Faery Realm
with it’s Great Diversity and Haunting Beauty

faery or elven star - faeries, elves, nature spirits

Throughout history, humans have tried to describe the faery realm in stories, songs, and images. Yet, these are only shadows of the deep and complex reality of the Otherworlds. As you watch the video above, and listen to the haunting music by Gary Stadler and Wendy Rule, you may get a certain feeling. And if you follow that feeling you may find a true connection with the world of faerie. It is very much a world of feeling. Though, if you are lucky you may also see and hear the beings there.

Different Spellings and Definitions for Faeries

You will notice that I use several spellings for faeries – “fairy” for the little trooping fairies and winged nature spirits that frequent our gardens and fields, and “faery” (or faerie) by which I indicate the broader realm including nature spirits, plus the Sidhe, elves, unicorns, dragons, fauns, and others who inhabit the Otherworlds. This is not a universal usage of these spellings. The names are actually culturally based, with “faery” being more common in Europe and “fairy” being common in America, but I am not alone in making this distinction.

To some people, the word faery only means the Sidhe. The Sidhe are Irish faeries descended from the Tuatha de Danaan. Similar beings are called elves in other countries, so the labels can get confusing. Again, trust what you feel. Your heart knows what your mind may not understand. The names are not really important, except when trying to communicate with other humans.

I find that it helps to differentiate between the many different types of faeries we may encounter. Some of these beings are quite large and powerful. Elves, Sidhe, Devas, Jinn, or gods and goddesses are beings of the faery realm in different cultures. The confusion comes when different people and different cultures use different words to describe the same beings.

Some people call all faery beings “elementals,” but in my understanding, elementals are the beings of the elements: traditionally they are the elementals of Earth (gnomes), Air (sylphs), Water (undines), and Fire (salamanders). And I would also include the weather beings, storm devas, clouds, etc. in the elemental group. I, and many others, use the word “faery” to describe the entire realm of faery beings, including the elementals.

Here is how I describe the different beings of the faery realm:
  • Elves and Sidhe who are close relations to humans in a higher dimension (sometimes seen as gods and goddesses, like Brigit and Llugh of the Tuatha de Danaan)
  • Elementals who are the beings of the four elements and the weather
  • Nature spirits – from tiny flower fairies, mermaids, and brownies to the massive devas of mountains and oceans
  • Mythical creatures such as unicorns, Pegasus, and dragons
  • Spirits of stones (trolls), trees (nymphs or dryads), etc.
  • Probably many more that I have not encountered

Speaking Up for Faeries, Elves & Nature Spirits

Faeries, elves, and nature spirits are higher-dimensional beings of Nature and the Underworlds. Angels are much like faeries in the Upperworlds. In fact, faeries are called angels of nature or angels of the Underworld in some traditions.

Both worlds exist in dimensions that are less dense than ours, yet our worlds overlap. Both include a wide variety of beings. Some faeries may or may not be friendly to humans. If they are friendly, they can become our powerful co-workers and companions.

Keeper of the Trees copyright Bernadette Wulf
Keeper of the Trees © Bernadette Wulf

In our contemporary world, people often ridicule those who “believe in faeries.” However, those people have simply forgotten their natural ability to perceive beyond the veil of the material world, or “Middle Earth.” You can be sure their ancestors knew and respected the faery realms.

Unfortunately, our modern lack of awareness of these Otherworldly inhabitants has brought about a trivialization of faeries in the media, on the one hand, and a rampant disregard for the spirits of nature (and Nature itself) on the other. It is time to change that!

Keeper of the Trees

I painted Keeper of the Trees many years ago, because the faeries wanted me to show how I experience them. To me, they never look like cute little Tinkerbell cartoons or sexy Gothic girls with wings. I usually see them as light beings. They may or may not have wings.

In the physical world, faeries sometimes appear as sparkles from the corner of my eye, or as faces peering out from trees, bushes, or stones. Once, I saw a group of them that looked much like the small faeries in the painting. And of course, I also see them with my inner vision where they often look like the tall being in the painting, usually without wings.

However, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see them at all. I believed in faeries for a long time before I ever saw them. What is more important is that you learn to feel their presence and that you take good care of Nature.

Why We Need to Reconnect with Faeries, Elves & Nature Spirits

Humanity, in general, is out of balance with Nature. We need to restore harmony and balance to our minds and bodies, and bring healing to the many areas of our planet that we have damaged. It is my belief that we can only do this by reconnecting with faerie, plant, animal, mineral, and elemental beings in mutual respect. We need to work together with the beings of the faery realm as our ancestors did.

Faeries are the keepers of the perfect templates of Nature. They help to create and balance the harmony of the natural world. They know how to heal our bodies and our planet. Some of them want to help us, if only we will listen.

Do You Believe?

FairySource.com is a testimonial to the faery realm and the wonderful faery beings who have touched my life. I have seen them, felt them and heard them, and they have brought me healing.

Make it known that you “believe in faeries” too! You can give others courage to open their eyes and hearts to the world of the fae. The faeries have much to teach us that is sorely needed in our world. We also have much to share with them. Together we are co-creating a new reality for Earth!

Share Your Experiences of Faeries, Elves & Nature Spirits

I frequently receive emails from people who have had faerie experiences. Yet, they feel like they cannot tell anyone they know for fear of rejection or ridicule. Unfortunately, people sometimes make fun of things they do not understand.

I welcome all questions and revelations about the faeries, and support those who are seeking to understand their faery encounters. I don’t have all the answers, but I will listen, support, and respond to the best of my ability.

Together, as we walk the faery way, we can help to make Earth the paradise it is meant to be, and already is when seen through faery eyes. Email Bernadette Wulf

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faerie devas of natureGreetings from the FairySource Deva,

We are here to inspire love and communication between humans and the faery folk. Look around and see the signs of our presence everywhere. There are faces looking out at you from trees and rocks, little fairies among the flowers, mysterious Sidhe, and mighty elementals and devas of nature who oversee the winds and rains.

Dragons nestle in your mountains and trolls hide among your stones. For those who have eyes to see, the world is alive with beings from what you call “the Otherworlds.”  Yet it is really the same world you live in. You have simply shut off a part of yourselves and named it “the Otherworlds.”

We invite you to let your imagination run wild and step into that part of yourself that you call faeryland. Here you will find healing and inspiration unlike anything you could find in the logical, adult world that seems so important to your rational mind.”

In Joy,              

faery healing messages
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Here you will find an assortment of faery lore, as well as sources for faery products, books, and artwork. Much of this information is from my personal experiences with the fae. I welcome you to share your own experiences for inclusion here.

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Brigit's Mantle - copyright Bernadette Wulf
Brigit’s Mantle – © Bernadette Wulf

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